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MobileSupport - RemoteCall


Rsupport’s ‘MobileSupport – RemoteCall’ application allows support representatives to remotely access customers’ mobile devices to identify and resolve issues in real-time. With ‘MobileSupport – RemoteCall’, support representatives are able to provide secure and reliable support without having to have the customer visit a support center.[Key Features]
1. Screen ControlView and control customers' mobile devices in real-time to collaboratively identify and resolve issues.
2. On-screen DrawingMark important areas for the customer to see to communicate certain points more clearly.
3. Text ChatMobileSupport – RemoteCall’s in-app chat feature allows customers and support representatives to conveniently communicate with each other during support sessions.
4. Simple ConnectionGetting connected is easy. All the customer needs to do is enter the 6-digit connection code provided by the support representative.
[Receiving Mobile Device Support - Customers]
1. Download, install, and then launch the ‘MobileSupport’ application.2. Enter the 6-digit connection code provided by the support representative, then click ‘OK’.3. Engage in real-time video support.4. Close the application once video support session has ended.
* Android OS 4.0~6.0 Recommended